Friday, June 15, 2007

Whyville blog



One of the coolest games on the net!

It's fun, educational, and awesome! You can chat with other people from around the globe, go into business designing face parts, buy a Scion (car), travel to other countries around the world on any day of the year using the warp wagon, and so much more! I remember the first time I played this cool game... I had no idea what to do, so I looked on the destination bar and said "hmmm, Newbie Center...Sounds like the place for me!" and when I got there I met a person called a Y-mail helper who answers all the questions I ask! Unlike other games, in Whyville you have a salary which you can raise by playing educational games! They just made a new game on Whyville called WhyEat, where you have to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack! If you make a healthy menu and eat it every day you get 25 extra clams! (Whyville Currency) Did I mention there was a thing called WASA (Whyville NASA) Where you can design an Ion engine, try and get your WASA space ship to the Space Station, and do many other space related things! You can also dig for fossils, goto other planets, teach your virtual-self to dance, and tons more!


You just heard what Ljjpz1 thinks of whyville and now you should hear what I think... It was a dark and stormy night...Wait nevermind! When I first started playing Whyville Ljjpz1 helped me out a bit: he showed me around, showed me how to get a salary and it was very helpful. I think one thing you SHOULD NEVER do on whyville is ASK FOR MONEY. It is just a bit like cheating and it is not fair for people to save up their money and then give it away. I tried to do that my first time on Whyville when Ljjpz1 gave me a few starting dollars. I don't like to admit it but... I GOT GREEDY!!! I kept asking Ljjpz1 for more money so he logged off. That is why you should never ask for money because your friends might mad at you. Asking for money is actually allowed though, it's just the person you're asking will probably say no, and it's not fair for the person to spend a long time earning their money, and then just giving it away. Whyville is very fun and you can get help from alot of people. Here are some other things you should know about Whyville: Say if you are playing and someone asks for your password, use a 911 report on them and they will get taped or banned. (Taped is when they can't talk for a certain amount of days, depending on how bad the thing they said was.) You can make lots of friends but THE VERY BEST PART ABOUT THIS GAME IS...PROJECTILES! Thats right, Projectiles! You can throw spiders, smiles, frowns, maggots, (Ljjpz1: my favourite projectile is pies) and so many other things! So this game is more than educational, it's also alot of fun!


I guess I should start off with my favourite Whyville moment. It was when Ljjpz1, Fishish and I were playing hide and go seek around this great virtual world. So anyway, Ljjpz1 was It but he couldn't find me so I won! He said I cheated but I didn't.(Ljjpz1: *sarcastic tone* sure you didn't cheat...) Any ways, here are some cool facts about Whyville: Whyville is a virtual world where you can travel to different places, talk to numerous people, and learn valuable information. Whyville is based in Pasadena, California, but we have citizens from all over the world. Whyville was started in 1999 and we already have over 2 million members! Each day around 1000 more join! Our citizens are usually age 8-15. Whyville generates between 40 and 50 million page views a month! Wow! And last bt not least, all of this is free! You can join whyville for the low price of $0! Anyway, Whyville has many games, but I am best at Spin-the-Skater. In this game you have to adjust the skaters arms and legs so she will spin faster. Then the judges give you a ranking... I get to olympic medalist everytime! That's the best rank you can get! Have you ever heard of Tobymac? He is a singer in real life! Well, tobymac actually went on Whyville! He came to the greek theater (It's a stage) and everyone bought tickets to see him! Whyville is a cool game because of all the real life situations. For instance, if you take out a loan so you can buy a Scion, and you dont pay off your loan, a repo-man will come and tow your Scion away.(I think the Repo-man's name is Dan) So anyway, he will come and say " Sorry, you didn't pay off your loan, so no scion for you!" and then he will tow your Scion away. Funny huh?

So now you have heard from us and you know a few thing about Whyville so have fun, and see you there!

Ljjpz1,Rockhope1, and Fishish